Back to linux on my laptop

Well after more than a year with Vista in my laptop,i am happy to get back to Linux land. I used Vista for the reason it could use all of my 4GB(and it used alot of it).

I personally hate Vista,it is a unfinished version of windows that took years to develop,so after getting some really weird problems with application crashing all the time and trying to fix this for few hours I tried to install Windows XP but to my surprise my laptop(HP dv9925nr with 4GB RAM) isn`t supported by HP in Windows XP so there is no drivers,arghh!!!

I tried for a couple of hours to search for drivers and then gave up,i like Windows XP - it is a stable OS which i used alot but i also like Linux alot.

I moved from Linux back to Windows XP for my work which was mostly in C# with Visual Studio. But now i left that place so i decided to install Linux again,i grabbed the latest Kubuntu version 8.10 and tried to installed it,i had a small problem that was fixed by adding acpi=noirq to my grub config.

Now with Linux i got the sound,network,webcam and card reader all working out of the box,and for getting the drivers for nvidia card and wireless i just had to do two clicks in the "Hardware drivers" application.

This is a example of how much Linux has improved,hardware is better supported than ever,kde 4.1 looks amazing(still some funky bug with the systray).

i am really happy going back to Linux.


  1. Nikola Nov 12

    I've also moved to Linux these days for the n-th time in the last 3 years but this time it's gonna last :). My first tries were with Fedora 6, OpenSuSe 9 (???) and Ubuntu 6.04. I'm now using Ubuntu 8.10 ... improvement of the systems is big, and I mean BIG. On the XP issue: have a look at this article. Maybe it could help you if you prefer XP. But it ain't gonna utilize all of your 4GB RAM ... unless you've got a x64 of course.

  2. Uriel Katz Nov 15

    I am quite happy with linux now so I don`t think i am moving to XP anytime soon,but i still have a virtual machine with XP on it just in case i need Visual Studio. The only thing that bothers me now is some weird problem with KDE 4.1 kicker panel,for some reason the systray icons have rendering issues.

  3. matty Jan 18

    Hi, I have this same laptop and I am running Ubuntu Hardy (8.04). Everything works great except the internal mics are not picking up any sound. Have you been able to get them working? Thanks, Matt

  4. LucyMaers Jul 23

    Sometimes it's really that simple, isn't it? I feel a little stupid for not thinking of this myself/earlier, though.