Google Gears ORM v0.1.1

UPDATE:a new version is here.

this is a minor update to GearsORM that fixes two bugs,one small bug reported by Evgeny Tyazhev and other known bug in which m2m tables forigen keys aren`t enforced.

another nice thing is a new utility class(or should i say object) GearsORM.Introspection which contain a model(sqliteMasterModel) which maps to sqlite_master table which provide information about the schema,also there is a function GearsORM.Introspection.doesTableExist used to check if a table exist when creating m2m triggers.

in this version i moved from JSDoc to NaturalDocs and added a auto-generated documentaion,also i finally setup up the svn with apache.

so with no futher delay,the links:

some things for the next version:

  • transactions - this is very important when working with SQLite,sqlite is very very slow when doing INSERT/UPDATEs so putting every thing in one transaction make it around 100 times faster(the number might not be exact but from my experience it is a big improvement)
  • ManyToOne relations to the same model - i have a proof of concept version working need some polish this is very helpful when need to deal with Tree like structures in database.
  • some code cleanup and resize(current size is 30Kb with documentaion unpacked and packed it is 8Kb)

feature requests are always welcomed.
big thanks goes to Evgeny Tyazhev for helping me in finding the bugs and fixing them.


  1. Adnan Aug 17

    Hi which tool did you use to generate DOC?

  2. Uriel Katz Aug 17

    i used NaturalDocs