Hello World!!!

My name is Uriel Katz,I am 17 year old and being developing software in Python,C# and JavaScript for a few years.
I have been working for the last 2 years in TripCart as a web developer.

In this blog i will write about my experiences with Python,C#,JavaScript and server administration.

I will start with a series of JavaScript basics that most JavaScript "coders" don`t know(at least those that still copy-pasting amateur code).


  1. breezback May 14

    Hey, Good luck with the new blog, Keep up the good work... Ilan

  2. Fabian Bartsch Jul 16

    Hey Uriel! I have found your blog today, over ajaxian. Im doing something similar to yours on my blog, describing the basics of javascript from the lowest level to the highest, step by step... what im missing on your site is a rss2-feed to subscribe, i would like to stay informed about the things on your blog. ok, go on with your thing, wish you good luck and best regards Fabian