JStORM supports Adobe AIR!

i wanted to see how much time(and changes to the code) it will take me to add a Adobe AIR support,so i tried it today and it took me 2 hours(!) to add a full support for Adobe AIR with minimal code change!

the only thing that doesn`t work is introspection since AIR doesn`t have the sqlite_master table(which is the sqlite standard) you can see the bug here

the support is in the svn trunk.


  1. jstorm lover Oct 17

    Please support to HTML5 Client-side Database Storage. I want to use it with iPhone.

  2. Uriel Katz Oct 19

    i would love to support HTML 5 but there is the problem that it only support async processing as far as i know.

  3. Jack Lang Oct 22

    This is pretty incredible. ORM for adobe AIR in javascript. Have you seen the work of : http://javascriptmvc.com I will be trying to combine their MVC with your ORM in adobe AIR. So far, both work separately. I'll let you know if both can work in tandem. Wouldn't it be great to have a true MVC framework in JS? Regards from Canada, J

  4. Nick Carter Nov 11

    Will have to look over your source one of these days! My library (http://www.jazzrecord.org) is actually entirely synchronous for ease of use, but I'm excited to see what you've done! I'm also /not/ a SQL expert, so would never have known about the sqlite_master table. Will have to look into that further as well. You're making a lot of progress with supporting the various platforms! I'm jealous! Good work, guy.

  5. Uriel Katz Nov 12

    Nice project,we could join forces :)