Why JavaScript is NOT the new Assembly

There is a bunch of people in the internet saying that JavaScript is the new Assembly(in the sense that developers shouldn`t write JavaScript directly and instead use some sort of compiler like GWT).

I totally disagree with that,first of all i think JavaScript is a great language,it is dynamic and have a compact syntax.

The reason that most of the people don`t use Assembly is that there is no benefit in speed compared to the time it takes you to write the same code in C or even in higher level languages. JavaScript is a really high level language with a few quirks,i admit,but even with it quirks there is no reason to use another language and then compile it to JavaScript.

A better approach to working around those quirks(both of the language and the browser) is using a library like: jQuery,Mootools(there are more but those are my favorites),using JavaScript libraries makes working with JavaScript and the browser really a fun and productive thing. You get all those things that you get with GWT:classes,clean api,good organization of code(for example with dojo).

So i still don`t understand why people are using stuff as GWT,Script#,pyjamas and Ra-Ajax. Is it because they don`t want to learn a new language? is it because they are accustomed to having a compiler checking all those small mistakes? because of those cool widgets that come with them?

Just my 2 cent rant,it is 2008 - no one should fear from JavaScript.


  1. Nick Carter Nov 11

    First off, let me say I was really thrown off by the subject line. "Who could possibly in his right mind confuse the two?" Haha. But then I saw you were talking about the trend toward abstraction away from JavaScript. I'm definitely with you. I think it's a great language for all its flaws. One thing to note is that, as with ASM, there is such a thing as code optimization. While a C compiler will alway generate the same intermediate ASM before assembly, any game programmer will tell you that ASM frequently needs tweaking. The same is true of current trends in Web application development. Our apps are getting fatter, and to avoid delay in terms of execution time, corners cannot be cut. Relying on helpers or a tool like GWT can't possibly deliver the speed boosts a knowledgeable JavaScript developer can render over the default code extracted from such a tool. This is not to say such tools are not useful. In cases where there is only marginal JavaScript activity (say, an edit-in-place form, or an autocompleter with no special tweaks) such tools may provide perfectly suitable JavaScript in one line of code in the original environment. With tools like JSLint and Firebug now available, claiming the lack of compiler or debugger to find mistakes is no longer an excuse I want to hear. Sorry if my response went on for as long as your post, I just wanted to say "I'm with you, dude!"

  2. Nick Carter Nov 11

    Ugh. My line breaks weren't converted to breaks or p tags? Uriel, is there no option to enable such behavior? Now my follow-up rant just looks like @#$ haha.

  3. Uriel Katz Nov 12

    Thanks,i am happy to see that i am not the only one who think like this. about the comment problem,it is on my list,i am rewriting my blog :)

  4. Upoznavanja Mar 25

    I love this game :)

  5. Anon May 5

    "...no benefit in speed compared to the time it takes you to write the same code in C or even in higher level languages..." You really don't know much about low level programming at all. Compilers suck.