Back to linux on my laptop

Well after more than a year with Vista in my laptop,i am happy to get back to Linux land. I used Vista for the reason it could use all of my 4GB(and it used alot of it).

I personally hate Vista,it is a unfinished version of windows that took years to develop,so after getting some really weird problems with application crashing all the time and trying to fix this for few hours I tried to install Windows XP but to my surprise my laptop(HP dv9925nr with 4GB RAM) isn`t supported by HP in Windows XP so there is no drivers,arghh!!!

I tried for a couple of hours to search for drivers and then gave up,i like Windows XP - it is a stable OS which i used alot but i also like Linux alot.

I moved from Linux back to Windows XP for my work which was mostly in C# with Visual Studio. But now i left that place so i decided to install Linux again,i grabbed the latest Kubuntu version 8.10 and tried to installed it,i had a small problem that was fixed by adding acpi=noirq to my grub config.

Now with Linux i got the sound,network,webcam and card reader all working out of the box,and for getting the drivers for nvidia card and wireless i just had to do two clicks in the "Hardware drivers" application.

This is a example of how much Linux has improved,hardware is better supported than ever,kde 4.1 looks amazing(still some funky bug with the systray).

i am really happy going back to Linux.