Memcached 64-bit for Windows

UPDATE: this is not mantined nor official,you should use the couchbase or other builds


After spending a day searching for a Memcached Windows 64-bit build ,I finally gave up and compile it by myself.

I manage to build it based on Memcached 1.4.2 with service code from:

The build platform is mingw64(google it) and regular mingw for configuring(as mingw64 get recognize as cygwin).

This is true 64-bit,running stats will show you the pointer_size is 64 and you can make the memcached process go over 4GB.

You can download the binaries from here,source here.


Redirect fun with Apache and RSS

i just changed from urls with post id in them to urls with slugs(Slug is a news term,used for urls and it contains only letters,numbers hyphens and underscores).
moving from id based url to slug based url in django was really easy,add a field in the post table for the slug the change the Post model function get_absolute_url to return the new url and i am done,slug-based urls in 30 second.

but now the fun begin,google already index all of my pages but they have old urls,so i thought:"no problem,that is what mod_rewrite is for" after 20 minutes of trying to make it work i went to the easy way of using a view that have a dict for redirecting the 3 old pages to the new ones.
even that it took my all like 30 minutes to fix this issue i got 42 old url access that were redirected to a new,but bad,url.

so after all of the fun with apache ended i started working on the rss for my site,well this was real fun,just add a feed class,update your and your good to go.
to keep tracking of the rss i used(like alot of people) the good old feedburner :)

now i have time to focus on real work like a new version of GearsORM :).